How to solve the problem of water leakage of chiller

05-24-2022 MGREENBELT
The water circulation system of the chiller is composed of inlet pipe, evaporator, outlet pipe, water tank, chilled water pump, cooling water pump, condenser, pipes and valves at each connection. In case of water leakage, these parts are basically indispensable.

Generally speaking, the causes of water leakage of industrial chiller are as follows:

1. The water inlet and outlet are loose or broken
2. The water injection port is loose
3. The internal water filling bucket is broken
4. The drain is broken
5. Internal water pipe rupture
6. Internal condenser perforation
7. The drain nozzle cap in the interface is broken or loose
8. The water tank is too full due to water injection

9. The external connecting water pipe is broken or the pipe orifice is not flat or the size is not suitable

Solution to water leakage:

1. Water leakage at the inlet and outlet is generally caused by loose or broken bolts at the connection, which can be repaired or replaced;
2. If the evaporator shell leaks water, check whether there is water seepage at the welding position of the evaporator shell. If there is, repair it by welding;
3. The float valve leaks water. The float valve controls the opening and closing of the inlet valve according to the buoyancy. The solution is to check and adjust the position of the ball valve. If it is damaged, it should be replaced and repaired.
4. Water leakage occurs in the perforation of the internal condenser. The solution is to find the fault point and repair it;
5. The cooling water in the water tank fluctuates and leaks during operation due to too full water injection. The solution is to reduce the water level in the water tank;
6. The leakage of the water tank may be caused by the corrosion of the welding position of the water tank, which needs to be re welded and repaired;
7. Water leakage occurs at the water pump. Generally, the shaft seal at the water pump is poorly connected or damaged. Replace the shaft seal of the water pump;

8. Long time tilting will lead to uneven stress, damage and water leakage at the valves and pipes of the chiller. The chiller shall be placed horizontally according to the specifications.

In case of water leakage of the chiller, immediately look for the water leakage point of the unit along the water trace. If it occurs on the water cooling system, it will cause faults such as insufficient water flow and high-pressure alarm of the compressor. If the water leakage is not handled in time, it will also cause ponding at the bottom of the chiller, corrode the shell of the unit, and pose potential safety hazards to the electrical parts of the unit.

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