CIRE 2021, The 23rd Shandong Internation Refrigeration Exhibition

04-02-2021 MGREENBELT
Established in 2003, MGREENBELT Specialized in manufacture chiller and chiller system including:

air chiller, water chiller, industrial chiller, oil chiller, glycol chiller, process chiller, screw chiller, mold temperature controller, cold room project for over 20 years experience.

MGREENBELT promise offers the best chiller&chiller system solution with competitive price to clients worldwide.

11605 Square meters factory area;

Within over 1000 chiller units produce every year, we thrive on providing high-quality water chiller;

20 Years Refrigeration experience, and 13 years industrial chiller manufacture experience.

MGREENBELT is one of the top brand with a goods reputation in China market since 2003.

We have a strong and united engineering team with rich work experience in industrial chiller filed;

Chillers manufactured from MGREENBELT are installed over 100 countries worldwide.

In order to share our equipment and brand to more customer, we will take part in the 23rd Shandong Internaltion Refrigeration Exbihition

Our Booth NO. a1t03-1

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