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Water Cooled Glycol Chiller 


GLYCOL CHILLERS are refrigeration systems which circulate an anti-freeze and water solution to help cool a variety of equipment and processes. This type of chiller is most frequently used in food and beverage industry. Glycol chillers are commonly used for cooling fermentation tanks, brite tanks, and wort coolers in the brewing industry. Glycol chillers are used to provide reliable temperature control for fermentation and storage temperatures.


1. Adopt famous brand compressors, such as Copeland, Panasonic, etc.

2. Three types of evaporator for choice: plate heat exchanger, water tank with coils, shell and tube exchanger.

3. Streamlined appearance design, durable coated steel frame.

4. Controlled by microcomputer way.

5. Comprehensive safety protection.


Food & Drinks Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Breweries Laboratory
Distilleries Jacketed vessels
Wineries Polyurethane foam mixers
Bakeries Natural gas
Dairy Industrial cleaning
Bottling Healthcare
Carbonation Solvents
Food Processing Paints


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Mgreenbelt company established in the year 2003,we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Chillers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers and Components. Our range is appreciated by the clients based in various parts of China and world for its characteristics, such as robust structure, longer service life and high performance.Main scope:air cooled scroll chiller, air cooled screw chiller, water cooled screw chiller, water cooled scroll chiller,low temperature chiller viable.we undertake the designing and turnkey projects for the devices. 

We have been successfully in offering machines to projects of Packaged Equipment and System, Automobile Components Producing System,plastic industry,Food production system, Bakery, beverage and beer industry to clients from domestic, USA, Canada, Australia, Ecuador, Sudan, Russia, South Africa, Dubai, Israel, India, Philippine, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Korea, etc.keep the products at top leading level and have a reliable after-sales service and technical support system to ensure good performance of each customer’s equipment, to meet the demand of each customer.

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